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Rise up – Women
in Blockchain

Are you looking for blockchain education to advance your career, start your own project, or become a competent developer? We are here to help!

In cooperation with

We empower women here

This program is designed for those new to the industry, those focused on building their career, or building a project/company. Also it is designed for women from the Ukraine to offer some help as so many have experienced hardships in the past months.
We are four organizations that have come together to help advance women in their careers in the blockchain industry with free education opportunities and scholarships. This program is open to all those that identify as female; if you are from the Ukraine facing challenges you are highly encouraged to apply.
Our goal is to empower women in blockchain by providing free education, free certifications, and Solidity developer training with scholarships also. We are looking for a few women with  potential and a passion to learn and grow.

This program is for

Women working in technology, Web3 or blockchain/crypto sectors
Women application developers or self-employed consultants with an interest in Solidity or advanced blockchain development skills.
Women founders growing an existing blockchain start-up interested in skills development
Women from Ukraine displaced due to war who are looking for additional skills in blockchain or new career opportunities in the industry

ThE Details and Application!

Bitcoin Certification Program
from C4

The Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium is a well-respected non-profit organization that establishes cryptocurrency standards and provides certifications to professionals in the industry. Certificate recipients have demonstrated comprehensive knowledge in various disciplines ranging from basic cryptography to basic-level cryptocurrency development.

Get complementary access to their comprehensive training and exam prep courses to become a Certified Bitcoin Professional.  Get your certification exam and certificate for free through this program.

Free Online Education Access from CryptoChicks

CryptoChicks is a well-known  international hub for women talent in blockchain technology.  They run programs including hackathons around the world and are supported by companies including RBC, Deloitte, Microsoft and IBM. 

The organization  provides career-building virtual skills training online via their website and are offering free access through this program.   

Topics include:
Website development and graphic design without coding
Drag and drop web and mobile app development
Tips and tricks for financing your project using modern tools and platforms
Overview of Blockchian industry, application development skills  

ConsenSys Academy Training
and $1000 Scholarships from Applicature

Applicature is a company builder and accelerator in the blockchain space that has
provided services and advice to help over 300 blockchain companies grow. Consensys
is a leading Ethereum-based consulting firm and operate the ConsenSys Academy.

This complementary training and scholarship program is for high-potential and
motivated women with some previous blockchain or programming experience, that want
to grow their careers. Ukrainian women who may have experienced recent hardships
in their careers are encouraged to apply.

Applicature will provide 5 x $1000 scholarships and ConsenSys will provide 5 seats for their On-Demand Blockchain Developer Program. At least 2 of the 5 scholarships will be reserved for Women from the Ukraine according to the terms and conditions of the program.

More on the Rise Up Program

This program is being launched in August, 2022 and will end at the end of February, 2023. Fill out an entry form for your desired program. Access to the online training will be provided by a code to be sent to you. For the Consensys Academy and Scholarship,  first one will be awarded at the end of September, then one per month till end of the program to the best candidates.


There are the most frequently asked questions.

Who is eligible to enter?

Anyone who identifies as female and is interested in or is currently working in blockchain can enter any of the Rise Up Women in Blockchain programs. There is a preference to provide help to anyone that is facing career hardships as they are or until recently were living in the Ukraine, so if this is your situation, you are highly encouraged to enter.

What are the selection criteria for the Scholarship and Solidity Training?

5 winners will be selected based on the information you provide in your application. We may also contact you if you are shortlisted for additional clarification of your application.Having some past general programming or technical experience is preferred as Solidity can be challenging to learn. Having ambition and desire to grow your career is desirable.There is a preference to provide extra help to those facing career hardships as they are or until recently were living in the Ukraine, so if this is your situation, you are encouraged to enter.

When will the scholarships be handed out?

Representatives from the partner companies will be reviewing applications and one winner will be announced every month based on the best applicants, starting in September. You only need to apply once.

What is the process for access to the C4 Certification?

Fill out the application form and a code will be provided for you to use to obtain the complimentary education and certification program directly on their website through the Rise Up program.

What is the process for access to the CryptoChicks Online Education?

Fill out the application form and a code will be provided for you to use to view the online educational programs directly on their website for free through the Rise Up program.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

Please contact:

Thanks for Applying!

We will go through your application and get back to you shortly.
One scholarship/Solidity training seat a month is awarded starting in September.  Good luck!